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CSA Information

CSA Information




Fisher Hill Farm and     

CSA 2018 Community Supported Agriculture

When? 20 weeks, June 7 – October 29


Monday at Thompson Hospital, Canandaigua

Wednesday at the Farm in Bristol

Thursday at Rochester Public Market

Saturday at Rochester Public Market                

Sunday at Brighton

What is a CSA?

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a food system that directly connects farmers and consumers. Consumers buy "shares" in a farm's harvest in advance. During harvest season consumers enjoy field-fresh produce, greater access to high-demand fruits and vegetables and overall lower food costs.


Everyone is welcome to join.

Fisher Hill Farm has been farming in Bristol for over 15 years and our wide variety of crops allow greater choice for members and less risk regarding bad weather or growing conditions.


Two share sizes are available to match your family size and cooking needs. Consider splitting a share with a friend. Split each week or use full share every other week.

Regular share 7 items week $320 ($16 per week),

Large share 10 items week $420 ($21 per week)

Add eggs (20dz) $70, add chicken 10 for $140 or 5 for $75


 “Seasonal Sampler”  10 items once each month $115 Add eggs (5dz) $18, add chicken (5 total) $75

Fisher Hill Farm CSA is a CSA with choice!

By combining the farmers’ market and a CSA you will never get overloaded on one crop, or something you know you won’t eat. “Shop” at your CSA without needing to carry cash.

Each week members will be treated to fresh, local, high quality, seasonal vegetables and fruit. Choose your share items from a wide array available on display. Change your items each week to suit your family’s taste, your recipes or your mood.

Crop sampling: strawberries, rhubarb, lettuce, radishes, zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, beets, peas, sweet corn, string beans, broccoli, cantaloupe, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, radishes, spring onions, peppers, eggplant, watermelon, sweet onions, cabbage, winter squash, pie pumpkins, cauliflower, grapes, Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, leeks, kale, garlic