Banana Sushi Recipe

Not really sushi, but just as good.

If you are looking to roll out of the winter doldrums they’re may be no better way than eating. Unfortunately this is a time of year where eating unhealthy become pretty easy and getting outdoors for much more than shoveling isn’t always possible.

Fun snacks that get the kids involved and that don’t weigh heavy on the wallet or waistline are an easy way to make the time pass by. We recently got this little recipe from a friend of ours and it was fun and easy to make.

What You’ll Need:

Flour tortilla

Peanut Butter

Fresh Banana

Fresh Strawberries

What You’ll Do:

Spread the peanut butter on the tortilla and place a peeled banana on it as straight as you can, even if it cracks or breaks the banana a little. Cut the top of the banana as it lays on it’s side to create a little “table”.

Spread the peanut butter on the flour tortilla.

Cut the strawberries into match sticks and put them on the banana table.

Roll it up and cut it into “sushi”. Do not use a serrated knife to cut it, it will rip. Use a sharp kitchen knife. We found that out the hard way!

Match stick the strawberries and put them on the “banana table” you made.

That’s it! We cannot wait to get fresh from our field strawberries back to try this again this summer. If you were feeling industrious you could make the tortillas from scratch which is actually very fun and delicious.

Super easy snack that your kids will like! And if they don’t, you probably will!

It’s not easy to find something healthy that the kids can help make. Besides the parts that require a knife, kids can help roll the “sushi” which causes for a bit of a mess of peanut butter but one that they don’t seem to mind too much.

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