Thanksgiving Turkey

Why buy a Fisher Hill Farm Turkey?

Non GMO feed or organic feed, pasture raised, no hormones or antibiotics ever!
We raise them from day old poults till they are ready for Thanksgiving!

Less travel. From our farm to your table. No middle man and no extensive travel with multiple stops along the way. We supervise every step of the processing and they never leave our custody.

We’re local. Purchasing a turkey from us keeps your money local, supporting your community.

Tastes better. If you’ve never had a local turkey before and this is your first year, you will be surprised at how much better it tastes. They are the center pieces of the meal and should be the best. Plus, they cook faster!

Order your Thanksgiving Turkey today! All you need to do is click the link below and put down $20 today and we’ll have your turkey ready in time for the big day.


  • You can choose the size of your turkey from 12 to 20 pounds.
  • $3.99/lb for conventionally raised or $5.49/lb for organic feed supplement
  • Multiple pick up locations for convenience
  • Pick up starts 11/21 ends 11/25

Buy a Fisher Hill Farm Turkey for Thanksgiving

We only raise so many so get your order in today!

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