Why Buy a Fisher Hill Farm Turkey?

(I know why and I want to buy one right now!)

Non GMO feed or organic feed, pasture raised, no hormones or antibiotics ever!
We raise them from day old poults till they are ready for Thanksgiving!

Less travel. From our farm to your table. No middle man and no extensive travel with multiple stops along the way. We supervise every step of the processing and they never leave our custody.

We’re local. Purchasing a turkey from us keeps your money local, supporting your community.

Tastes better. If you’ve never had a local turkey before and this is your first year, you will be surprised at how much better it tastes. They are the center pieces of the meal and should be the best. Plus, they cook faster!

Fisher Hill Farm - Thanksgiving Turkey
Fisher Hill Farm – Thanksgiving Turkey

I’m ready to buy my fresh Fisher Hill Farm Turkey

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