Brighton Market Update April 2022

Fisher Hill Farm - Rochester NY

Hard to believe that the year flew by this quick but with the spring means the brighton market is starting up again. We made some big changes this year and we’re really excited to start fresh with our new plan.

As many of you have probably already have heard, we are focusing on poultry this year. Our winter crops are winding down and some of your favorites might not be available this summer. We will bring fresh chicken to market (including the new chicken cuts!), eggs, and have frozen duck and turkey throughout the year, with fresh around specific holidays.

Sunday April 24th marks the beginning of the new Brighton Farmers season. Make sure you check out their website for updates throughout the year. We will try to keep you updated right here too and on our social media pages.

Our winter storage crops are winding down, but here’s a list of what you should expect to find at the Brighton Market on the 24th of April.

Eggs, Fresh Whole Chicken, Fresh Chicken Cuts (*new*), Fresh Chicken Liver, Hearts, and Feet, Frozen Duck, Frozen Turkey, Red Potatoes, Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Celeriac

Expect Fresh Whole Chicken throughout the entire summer and we will have some early garlic crops (green, scapes) once the winter crops run out. Keep an eye out for recipes and ideas throughout the year. Like this one: Smoke Box Chicken

Fisher Hill Farm Chicken Duck Turkey
Fisher Hill Farm Chicken Duck Turkey

We’re excited to put our focus on fresh local chicken, eggs, and poultry. The Rochester, New York market has been so supportive over the years and we thank you for your continued support.

Don’t forget! Visit Flour City Bread for your weekly grocery order.

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Fresh local poultry and produce in Bristol, New York owned and operated by Phillip and Sandi Munson.

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