2020 Reflection: What went right, what went wrong

Fisher Hill Farm - local Farm Rochester New York

It seems pretty early to look back on the year already but whenever fall starts to come around it means it’s time to reflect and start preparing for next year. But, boy oh boy, was this year a bit different than most.

We all have our ups and downs in life, some more than others, and we can connect with people who have shared a similar experience but it’s fairly uncommon that we all live through the same ordeal. What this pandemic has taught us might be different from what it taught you, but we all went through it; the whole world!

But maybe that’s the way we should all look at it. Try and change the lens from which we are viewing the last six months into what we’ve learned from the experience and what we learned is that we live in a vibrant community who’s support and creativity allowed us and many others to get through this thing. We’ve been drawn into a tighter knit community whether we realize it or not.

Try to look at what the pandemic has brought us and not what it took away.

So, looking back on the year as a whole, we might not be ready to do on the farm just yet. But our first thought was to stay positive, try to look at what the pandemic has brought us and not what it took away. When things do open back up completely, hopefully those new understandings will stay with us and allow us to appreciate all that we are fortunate enough to have.

Happy fall everyone!

Stay tuned for more updates with crops, recipes, and more throughout the fall.

We will get some turkey information up as soon as we have it! But…they’re here!

-Phil and Sandi

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Fresh local poultry and produce in Bristol, New York owned and operated by Phillip and Sandi Munson.

2 thoughts on “2020 Reflection: What went right, what went wrong

  1. It was amazing how you banded together with other local food businesses (especially Flour City Bakery) and set up a no contact pick up and delivery service during the scariest part of the spring. Our family will forever be grateful for the nourishment we received!!!

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