Falling a Little Short: Is there a Thanksgiving Turkey shortage?

Fisher Hill Farm - Thanksgiving Turkey

What’s the story with Thanksgiving this year? Is there or is there not a turkey shortage? One report says there is and then the next one comes out and says there isn’t. We know this for a fact: We don’t have a turkey shortage on this farm!

Put down a deposit on a Fisher Hill Farm Turkey

There are plenty of supply chain issues to see right at the grocery store. Suddenly a favorite product you’ve been buying for years is just missing with no warning. Currently in major port cities like New York and Seattle, there are cargo ships just waiting to dock, filled to the brim with supplies that consumers and businesses need.

Our team of experts taking care of your bird!

What reports are saying about thanksgiving turkeys is that there could be a shortage of smaller birds, 20lbs and under. With the pandemic still lingering, smaller birds may be in more demand as smaller groups get together for the holiday.

Go local this year if you haven’t before! We have conventional and organic birds to choose from. If you get your deposit in early ($20) we can get you close to the size of the bird you are looking for. Our ranges for weights are:

12- 15 lbs

15 – 18 lbs

18 – 20 lbs

Click here to put down your deposit for your Thanksgiving turkey.

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Fresh local poultry and produce in Bristol, New York owned and operated by Phillip and Sandi Munson.

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