Simple, Tasty Cabbage Recipe: Lo Mein Style

Fisher Hill Farm Local Cabbage Recipe

There’s so many reasons to love cabbage. It goes great with just about everything and there’s a recipe for every season. With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up, there’s going to be cabbage everywhere. But what happens if you have some leftover that you didn’t cook with that corned beef?

Cabbage is a versatile cruciferous veggie with lots of crunch, but it can be cooked down and resemble the firm texture of a good lo mein noodle. In the new year there’s always a lot of dieting going on (keto especially!) and so many people are trying to stay away from unwanted carbs. This recipe is simple and works to get that lo mein feeling without all the carbs. This recipe is for about 4 people.

What You’ll Need:

1 Quarter head of a large cabbage – sliced into long strips (like a lo mein noodle!)

2 medium sized carrots – chopped

1 medium sized onion – sliced

1/2 cup of shelled, salted peanuts

1/4 cup of soy sauce

2 tablespoons sriracha (or more if you like it really spicy)

1 tablespoon sesame oil

What You’ll do:

Take all the stuff listed above and put it in a pan and turn on the heat. Stir often. You might need a little salt and pepper to taste, depending on how salty you like your food. But don’t start off with too much salt because after the water cooks out of the cabbage you’re left with that soy sauce that’s already pretty salty.

Just cook it down until it has the consistency of a lo mein dish. It’ll will get a nice color to it, kinda like lo mein, and the smell will be intoxicating.

We added some sliced chicken breast to ours and topped it with a little extra sriracha. But it could be a complete meal without it. It’s also delicious cold, right out of the fridge.


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Recipe: Corn Salsa

Roma Tomatoes and Jalapenos - Fisher Hill Farm

There is nothing like fresh vegetables right out of the field to kick up any meal. They can also BE the meal. But this little dish is easy enough to make and can be side dish, a nacho topper, a salsa, or a salad. 

It’s super easy to make and doesn’t take very long to prep. If it can sit in the refrigerator for a few hours before you serve it cold that would be best. But you could also heat it up to help meld the flavors and use it as a side dish with chicken or pork. It would be great on tacos too!

Roma Tomatoes and Jalapenos - Fisher Hill Farm
Roma Tomatoes and Jalapenos – Fisher Hill Farm

Whenever we make this dish we use the rule of three: For every ear of corn you will want to use 1 tomato, 1 jalapeno, and 1 clove of garlic. This will render this dish quite spicy and if that’s not your thing you can easily replace the jalapeno with a less spicy pepper like a banana pepper or a bell pepper.

Start by cutting the kernels off the ear and place them in a bowl. We just rough chop the rest of the ingredients and put them in the same bowl and then toss with salt and pepper to taste. That’s it. But when these ingredients are fresh you don’t need to do much with it to make it taste great.

Crop Report: July

Fisher Hill Farm Rochester Public Market

Happy Fourth of July! What a sunny warm week it’s been. We were able to get lots of work done on the farm and will be at the Rochester Public Market Saturday and the Brighton Farmers Market Sunday. Here’s what you can expect to find on our tables.

Strawberries (this will be the last week!)

Sugar Snap Peas

Shelling Peas

Beets (from this year!)

String Beans (limited supply)

Spring Onions



Swiss Chard

Kale (Red Russian, Curly, Tuscan)

Pea and Sunflower Shoots



Zucchini and Summer Squash

There is still a lot of stuff in the ground that we just got down recently or isn’t ready for picking yet. Although July Fourth is already over summer is only really just beginning and that means the crops will keep coming. Broccoli, melons, cucumbers,  cauliflower, and cabbage have yet to make an appearance. We can’t wait.

We appreciate everyone stopping by and saying hi and of course, shopping local. Produce and poultry tastes better when it’s local and it’s helping out our local economy as well. Produce that is shipped from long distances are usually picked before they are ripe in order for them to maintain for the long periods of time. A fruit or vegetable that has not been able to ripen properly doesn’t have the same flavor as one that has. Local is the way to go when and if you can.

If you haven’t seen it before, here is Sandi explaining the importance of farming. We’re proud of our farm and the work we do and this is just a small reason why.


Our Market schedule resumes this week as normal after the holiday. If you would like to know where to find us just follow the link:

Thanks everyone and see you all soon!


Crop Report – Mid June 2019

Fisher Hill Farm Local Peas

Things have yet to completely quiet down after the strange start to our spring but we are happy to report that lots of local produce is on the way. 

We hate to see asparagus go but unfortunately it’s winding down pretty quick and this could be the last weekend for it. That being said other things are starting to pop up and we will bring as much as we can to market with us over the weekend including strawberries and peas.

it’s hard to believe that the nights will already start getting shorter soon so take advantage of this wonderful sun while you can. During these summer months that transition into fall you can find us at lots of different places too! Including the Victor Central School parking lot on Tuesdays.

Click here to find out more information and get directions. 

Below is a crop report from what we see in the fields that can come with us to the markets we participate in:

June 2019 Crop Report

Strawberries (not in abundance yet, so while supplies last)

Peas (shelling and snap, again while supplies last)

Spring Onions

Green Garlic


Swiss Chard

Kale (curly, red russian, tuscan)



Pea and Sunflower Shoots


Asparagus (winding down quickly!)

We also have our storage crops still available: potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, rutabaga, kohlrabi, and turnips.

Coming soon: beets, zucchini, new potatoes

We will keep you updated as summer moves along. Another week and the kids are out of school! It’s already flying by fast so take some time to stop and eat a nice local meal out of your own kitchen or any number of awesome restaurants dedicated to buying local.

Check out some of our partners here!

We look forward to seeing all of you at the market!


The Health Benefits of Summer Berries

Fisher Hill Farm summer berries

Everyone knows that fruit is sweet and delicious. There’s hardly anything better on a hot summer day than a sweet strawberry or blackberry. They also make great desserts! But what about the health benefits of nature’s candy? Each berry has different nutrients that make it unique and it’s so important that we try and eat healthy every day. Not that we need any excuse to eat delicious fruit but it certainly helps to see how well these berries treat out bodies as well.

Local Strawberries - Fisher Hill Farm


One serving of Strawberries contains 150 grams of vitamin C and can help boost immune efficiency and fight off free radicals that damage healthy DNA.

Rich in potassium, eating strawberries actually lowers your blood pressure.

Flavonoids, ellagic acid, and phenolic phytochemicals found in strawberries reduces your risk of age-related vision problems like macular degeneration.

For as sweet as they are, they are low on the glycemic index so they don’t spike your blood sugar and the dietary fiber in strawberries helps regulate glucose levels.

They contain a special anti-allergy flavonoid called fisetin, which helps the body’s immune cells control inflammatory reactions to allergens.

Local Red Raspberry - Fisher Hill Farm

Red Raspberries

They are high in compounds known for having anti-cancer properties.

Eating them can result in the reduction of pain associated with arthritis and gout as they naturally reduce inflammation.

The seeds of red raspberries are high in vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids, and have an SPF of 25 – 50!

Local Blackberries - Fisher Hill Farm


Incredibly high in Vitamin K, eat more blackberries to prevent bone thinning and bone fractures. It also helps your blood clot better and can prevent bruising.

Bone development and a healthy immune system rely on Manganese and this mineral is found in abundance in blackberries.

Studies have shown that they have abilities to fight against mouth bacteria that can cause oral diseases.

Local Blueberries - Fisher Hill Farm


These delicious little morsels are really high in nutrients but low in calories so pile them high!

Extremely high in antioxidants, they help reduce DNA damage to fight against cancer and aging.

Reduce your risk of heart disease by eating 2 ounces per day. Blueberries naturally lower blood pressure.

Studies have shown that they appear to help aging neurons in your brain. Eating more blueberries can aid brain function, delay mental decline, and improve memory.

Other Berries

The list of health benefits starts to repeat itself after these top three. But make no mistake, all the summer berries have excellent health benefits. The best part is that they all taste amazing!

Some other berries that we should be on the lookout for in our neck of the woods are:

Mulberries – These grow all over the city of Rochester! Just look for the purple stains on the sidewalk.

Currants – Check out the markets. We see them all the time!

Elderberries – Some of the best jam you’ll ever have. Add some cinnamon and allspice.

Gooseberries – Taste more like a grape if you’ve never had one

We’re so excited for this growing season. It’s coming up very fast and the weather is getting nicer almost every day. See you at the market!